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Launching C-HPP wiki
13-09-13 13:06
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Dear Colleagues,
Peter Horvatovich who is a member of Chr 5 group has provided us the following wiki information of C-HPP. Please visit the following link to know more about update info on each chromosome and other useful links for your work.

provide a community information exchange platform for C-HPP project, desseminate protocols, SOAPs etc

Software: Tiki Wiki 9.2 (http://tiki.org) content management system

Link: http://c-hpp.webhosting.rug.nl/

Main concept: main web pages reflected by menu can be mainly edited by admin rigth users. Other registered users can edit main web page of chromosome teams and create arbitrary number of new wiki pages and upload files for attachement.

The goal is that chromosome teams edit the main page of their corresponding chromsome listing the most important information under different categories and create new pages to add additional informations. The main chromosome pages is made using a template (see under Chromsome=>Template), which should be present for all teams. Specially headers of templates are important as they are used to extract information from all chromsome teams in Category menu. If headings are modified then information of different categories will be displayed incorrectly making those pages uncomprehesible. The main chromsome peage should contain short information with indication of date for new items added in order to be able to keep track new changes and novel achievements by the C-HPP board.