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[J Proteome Res.] Call for Paper: The Chromosome-Centric Human Proteome Project
13-09-13 12:32
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1. Topic Category
• Report on the parts list of individual chromosomes.
• Disease studies which utilize chromosome information.
• Data base studies of targeted samples.
• Integration of transcriptomics with proteomics data.
• More in-depth proteomics studies of cell lines and patient tissue.
• Bioinformatics tools to better integrate genomic and proteomic information.
• Proteomic studies of variants produced by alternative splicing (AST) and coding non synonymous •single nucleotide polymorphisms (cSNPs).
• Study of proteomic variation induced by chromosome abnormalities.
• Generation of suitable reference cell lines and tissues.
• Peptide standards for selected reaction monitoring (SRM) of poorly characterized proteins.
• Generation of repositories of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies for chromosome studies.
• Generation of post translational modifications (PTM) libraries for chromosome based protein sets.
• Studies of the co-expression of gene sets with corresponding proteomic signatures.
• Biomarker discoveries based on the identification of novel ASTs and cSNPs in proteomic studies.

2. Timeline (suggested)
• 4/27/2012 Announcement: Call for the Papers by ACS
• 5/5 /2012 Discussion on this issue in Beijing
• 9/1/2012 Deadline of manuscript submission
• 9/1-11/30 Peer Review Completion (3 months minumum)
• 12/1/2012 Final list of manuscripts
• 12/1-12/31 Galley proof etc (1 month)
• 1/1/2013 Online release

Call for paper document: http://c-hpp.org/public/336